London by night



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Widgets on iPhone OS 4.0

Dimitri Stancioff questions the lack of utility apps (Weather, Stocks, etc.) in theiPad demos and raises the possibility of a secret “Dashboard” app.


Barcode Art

This is a great example of how design can enhance the seemingly mundane stuff that we encounter every day. [via]


T-Shirt War


Haiti Aftermath Montage

Khalid Mohtaseb shot and graded this footage in his spare time while on assignment in Haiti following last month’s earthquake. He used a Canon 5D2 and Kessler Pocket Dolly, and all footage was shot in natural light. Stunning. (via Zach Klein)



Neue, a thrice-yearly online magazine marrying cities and type. First up, New York City. (via Marc Feustel)


The Stupid iPad

As an industry, we need to understand that not wanting root access doesn’t make you stupid. It simply means you do not want root access. Failing to comprehend this is not only a failure of empathy, but a failure of service.
Mike Monteiro

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The iPhone Film Experience

Old, but good. David Lynch on the iPhone film experience. (And from the related videos, why he turned down Return of the Jedi.)


Random Note

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